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A Passion For Justice


We strive to ensure that our clients are treated fairly at work.


We can help you determine whether harassment occurred and your available options for legal recourse.

Wrongful Termination

If you have recently lost your job and believe it qualifies as wrongful termination, you need to speak with us,


Is Your Employer Retaliating Against You For Standing Up For Your Rights?


Our team can provide the legal counsel you need to report what you know to the appropriate authorities.

Unpaid Wages

If you are facing issues concerning your fair earnings under California employment laws, we can help!

Meal & Rest Breaks

Have You Been Denied Proper Breaks Or Pay For Break Periods?

Disability Accommodation

Don’t let your current or former employer get away with illegal disability discrimination.
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Verdicts & Settlements

The number of workplace sexual harassments each year nationwide according to the EEOC.
$ 1 Million
Cases filed statewide in the California supreme court every year!
Number of discrimination charges per year according to the EEOC.
$ 1 Billion
The amount workers netted in settlements in 2022.

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